Chimney Sweeping

Why does my chimney need sweeping?


Chimney maintenance is extremley important to keep appliances and fires running safely. Having your chimney swept ensures the safety of you and your family and significantly reduces the risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning or a devestating chimney fire.


Tar and soot collects in any type of chimney wether it be a clay pots or a stainless steel flexible liner, woodburner or gas fire. Getting your chimney swept also means appliances will run more efficiently and will be easier to light.

So if your looking for an annual sweep, considering bringing a disused flue back into use, having problems with birds and nesting or would just like some advice, please feel free to give me a call or make a booking.

How we sweep your chimney

As well as cleaning your chimney, a standard sweep includes an inspection of the appliance, flue, chimney stack, pot and terminal.

This allows me to select the appropriate method for cleaning your flue, be it the traditional way with rod and brush, a modern rotary power sweep, or the latest spring loaded flexible liner sweeping technology.


Your fireplace will be effectively sealed, sheets layed down and a purpose built triple filtered vacuum cleaner will be used to prevent any soot from escaping into the room.


Following the sweep we will carry out a smoke draw test and issue you with our own safety checklist certificate, which will record the results of the sweep and give any safety advice thats needed.

Your chimney is designed to withstand sweeping as part of its routine maintenance. If for any reason faulty cowls, pots, brickwork or linings should become dislodged during this process The Stove Doctor can not accept responsibility for these occurences.

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